Promotion permission

Schuy Jewell paintingAs a child I was quite adept at saying “look at me–look what I did.” Now I whisper it, tentatively, hoping that someday soon I’ll again shout it, and mean it.


You’ll find my web 1.0 at my Jewell Gems site, designed in 1999. Now I need to move forward, and give myself permission to continue to create and to share the next version of the web and past, present and future versions of me.

5 responses to “Promotion permission

  1. Hey, Schuy. Welcome! Great looking blog. I’ll be checking back often.

  2. Hi Schuy! Love your header — stunning! I look forward to visiting your blog as you continue creating and expressing.

  3. Thanks. I did that collage and “ME” for the invitation to a retrospective show I did for my 40th birthday (called multiMEdia–the many “me”s of the day).

    If you want to see the invitation, a pdf is here:

    Click to access mutimedia%20invitation.pdf

    It was on silver paper. I loved making it.

    That, however, was five years ago. Time for more work!

  4. Schuy: thanks for coming out of hiding! You make beautiful things, and your website is great: a cool way to show the portfolio!

  5. I am so pleased that you are here, working along with us. We cannot have you hiding your talent under a bushell now can we? :-) And that header is just fabulous

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