About Schuylines


Two years ago my friend Natalie and fellow blogger Augustine introduced me to the Soul Food Cafe‘s Advent Calendar. Instead of Bible verses or chocolate, the offerings are thoughts on creativity, imagination and/or the Christmas season, from writers around the world, with a heavy helping of thoughts and images from Soul Food Cafe’s home country-continent Australia.Two years ago, inspired, I decided my Advent discipline would be an Advent calendar of sorts, in which I’d create a draft of a poem a day, and capture a couple of images on the camera of my Treo cellphone/pda. I also decided, after years of intention, that Advent, a time of beginnings would be an appropriate time to start a blog. I think I made it three days.

A decade ago I tried creative communication in print, and the title of this blog comes from that short-lived personal newsletter, Schuylines (pronounced “skylines”) , taglined “an occasional newsletter from the hopelessly verbose to the hopefully interested.” In it, I started to share my essays, poetry, images, and life with friends and family. It lasted two issues.

So here I am again, in 2007, where the theme of the Advent Calendar is Web 2.0 and encourages the community to start . . . a blog! So I try again, with handholding and realistic “Rome wasn’t built in a day” goals, to be a blogger. Hopefully this effort it will be longer-lived.


Schuy (sky) Jewell

2 responses to “About Schuylines

  1. Now it is my turn to blush. And I MUST catch up with Natalie and Blaugustine again – really soon.

    As an aside, we may just have snared you in the Soul Food web this time :-)

  2. Schuy and Heather and Advent together, what a great way to celebrate the season! Thanks for the kind mention, Schuy. And Heather, I too must catch up – have been very bad at keeping up this year. Much love to you both.

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